09 February 2008

Princess Kaitlee

Kaitlee went to her friend Rae's birthday party today. They all got to wear fairytale creature costumes. Kaitlee dressed up as, what else, but a PINK princess. She looked beautiful. Those are the only things that Kaitlee ever thinks about... pink, princesses and more pink. She is the girliest girl you will ever meet. Ivy on the other hand, not so much. If she is in nothing but her diaper and has her binkie and blankie, she is happy. It will be interesting to see what our little angel Sonrisa will be like.


Ashley Clark said...

You guys are such a pretty family. I can't believe how big Sonrisa is! And little Kaitlee or should I say all grown up Kaitlee. Such the little pose. So mature and beautiful! And Ivy cute little Ivy. Cracks me up! She still seems like the same little Ivy to me!! Nice blog Alisa!! Oh and Jared! Nice work!

Malia said...

LOVE it! Seriously Jared, how do you survive being among such four gorgeous women all the time. What a lucky guy. Love those little girls!