15 May 2008

My Skater Dude

Yesterday Jared decided to get his skateboard out for the first time in years. As he hopped on it and zoomed down the road I thought to myself, "Is there anything he can't do?" I swear, he is good at anything he tries. He is such an amazing athlete. Kaitlee and Ivy thought he was pretty hot stuff watching him do some of his awesome little tricks.

They especially loved it when Jared put them both on the board and pushed them down the road.

Kaitlee is super fast on her bike so she had a great time having races with her daddy.

Little Sonrisa had no idea what was going on but she was happy just to be outside.


Malia said...

How cute! Hooray for the sunshine! I hope it stays!!

Becky said...

Those are such cute pictures. I love it when daddies play with their kids like that.

Bry and Meliss said...

That's why he and Bry get along...Bry is good at EVERYTHING. I always brag about him, because no matter what he tries he's amazing.
PS- I still laugh hysterically just looking at Jared on the chicken!

Chad and Jen said...

So I hope you're ready to be entertained tomorrow night! Bring your camera!

Brianne said...

I guess if you have talent you have it...and all I know is that I don't have it! So I'm jealous of Jared too. It is fun to be outside isn't it. I know Carter LOVES it, but these dang nats are eating him alive.

Kim said...

It looks like your girls are having A BLAST on that skateboard--so cute!!