07 November 2008

Halloween - 2 Princesses and a Witch

This was the best halloween ever! The girls were happy, the weather was nice, and for the most part it was a very relaxing evening. I didn't really think Reesie would get the whole trick-or-treat thing so I tried leaving her in the wagon at a couple houses. She wasn't going to have any part of that! She had a death grip on her pumkin basket and wasn't about to let it go for anything. I saw a whole new side of Reesie that night. VERY possessive of her candy! She'd hit and scream at anyone that came near her and her pumpkin. It was pretty funny. After trick-or-treating, we went over to Beav and Lynn's house to visit them for a while. Lynnard made us some yummy tuna melts for dinner. (Eat your heart out Nettifer!) After our girls had their sugar high and were all tuckered out, we headed home for bed. My parents were in Ohio for a funeral so my mama had a Halloween party on Monday for all the grandkids. For dinner she made toasted ham and cheese and a few of us brought our favorite halloween treats. Then the kids made paper pumpkins and played pin the nose on the pumpkin. They loved it! To finish the night off, we went over to Great Grandma's house and had a "fashion show" (as Kaitlee so sweetly put it) to show off their costumes. Great Grandma fell a few days before and broke a couple ribs so she was kinda miserable that night. But nevertheless, it was fun and she was so glad we came. I've never been super into Halloween but this year I realized what a fun holiday it is when you have little kids. I'm already looking foward to next year!

Kaitlee playing pin the nose on the pumpkin (yes, one eye fell off and the nose is up by the stem) Not too bad!!!

Um yeah, Ivy wasn't peaking ;)

My little terror with her candy


Amy said...

Wow, those are beautiful girls! No wonder you wouldn't mind having another just like that! Glad you had a happy halloween!

McDermaid Fam said...

kaitlee has the longest eyelashes i have ever seen!!! i bet she bats those at daddy whenever she wants something :)

Joey and Nettifer said...

adorable halloween pictures and thanks for making me jealous of those famous tuna melts! Love you!

Krystal said...

The costumes turned out so cute! I love the witch-I was going to have Klara be one but I figured that wouldn't really be dressing her up J.K. love you guys!