23 August 2009

Spur of the Moment

Our good friends from Vegas were in town last weekend. Joel called Jer Thursday afternoon to see if we wanted to go to Lagoon with them on Friday. We had been meaning to take the kids all summer long but with the baby and all, we just never got around to it. So long story short, it worked out perfectly that Jer took the day off work and surprised us with a fun day at Lagoon with our friends. We spent the afternoon letting the kids ride whatever they wanted then my awesome parents so lovingly drove all the way up there to pick them up for the evening so Jerry and I could ride some of the roller coasters together.

Sweet Ivy riding the Whales

Kate and Kaitlee on the Ladybug- These two were completely inseparable all day long

Not so funny story- On our way out to drop our kids off with my parents we stopped at the gate to get my hand re-stamped. Then we walked all the way to the back of the parking lot where the drop off loop is at. As we walked up to the car my mom calmly asked where Sonrisa was at (just thinking we left her with a baby-sitter). Both mine and Jer's eyes popped wide open. Jared immediately took off running back to the park. I looked in the front of the stroller and sure enough... no Sonrisa. I then took off running back as well and was balling and shaking by the time I got back to the entrance. The lady at the gate looked at me with a smile said, "Lost your daughter?" That obvious, huh? She told me where she was at and by the time I got there Jared was just walking out the door with her. They had found her right by the entrance gates. I guess while I was figuring out where to get my hand re-stamped, she had crawled out of the stroller and was probably standing right next to us as we walked away. But did we notice? Nope! We pushed a half-empty stroller all the way across a gigantic parking lot and didn't even notice. Are we great parents or what!?! For those few minutes running back to the park I had all sorts of horrible things going through my mind. I am sooo incredibly thankful that she is okay!

Ivy and Reesie on the helicopters

After we finally got the kids sent off with my parents and our nerves settled down, we ate some dinner and then met up with our friends again. They dropped their kids off at Brooke's parent's house right there in Fruit Heights and her mom came back with them just to ride a couple of the big roller coasters while her dad watched the kids. Thanks so much for inviting us Brooke and Joel! Other than momentarily losing Sonrisa, we had a blast spending the day at Lagoon with you and your kids... and your adorable, roller coaster loving mom!

Kate and Kaitlee on the spaceships

This picture is so hilarious to me! Look closely at Ivy and Sonrisa's face. Think they enjoyed riding Puff?

I wish we took more pictures of everybody that we were with but sadly this is all we have. Didn't even get one of Lincoln while we were there.

Since I didn't have a picture of Lincoln to post from Lagoon I just had to post something about him. This is my sweet little boy in an outfit that Jared wore when he was a baby. Kinda cool, huh!?!!


Scott & Lynn Maxfield said...

Look at that sweet face...he has changed this week. that outfit was Jared's when he was a baby, I only saved a few things from him. Lincoln looks so darling. As for Reesie...that was super scary when Jared posted on FB that she got lost all kinds of bad thoughts went through my mind also, Alisa. I am so glad that all was well and that you all had a fun day.

Brianne said...

How scary! I bet that is the worst feeling in the world to lose track of your child....I'm so glad everything was okay in the end. It looks like you guys had fun at Galoon though!

Krystal said...

That one of them crying is so funny! You guys are awesome!

Marissa said...

So fun! I am glad Reesie was okay-that is sincerely the worst feeling in the world, and especially when you thought she was safely in the stroller! She is so independent I am sure she just thought, "Hey I can do this on my own!" Good luck with her, she cracks me up! :)

Bonita said...

Boy that was scarey, wasn't it? I'm so glad Sonrisa was in safe hands when you found her. Alisa, in your defense I just want to tell everyone that your stroller is one of those where Sonrisa was in the front and Lincoln's car seat was in the back up high, so you weren't able to see over the car seat to where Sonrisa was supposed to be sitting. You'll have to set up some mirrors so you can see the front seat! We had fun with the girls that night. Love these cute picture! Little Lincoln looks real handsome in his daddy's outfit.

Amy said...

Way to go losing your daughter! Just kidding! We've actually had a similar experience. It's the scariest feeling ever. Glad she's okay!

That little Lincoln is so stinking cute!

Jenny said...

Dude I am so sorry! Britton just did the same thing to me only I put him in his saucer while I did my hair when I was done I went to check on him and he was GONE like GONE he had climbed out, what my child can't do that. My heart went to my throat too and I thought he was probably at the bottom of the stairs with a broken neck I found him just heading for the next set of stairs and he was laughing at me like "what"! see mom I can do this. I was just shaking... Just when we think we can relax a bit these little cuties throw a curve ball and take a couple years off our lives j/k I am so glad everything turned out ok how scary for you guys.
I just love your pictures of the kids and little Linc his smile just melts my heart what a sweetie. I bet your havin lots of fun puttin him in Jer's old outfits he looks stylin...
Love ya so much