22 December 2009

Little Dancers, Temple Square & Buddies

Kaitlee and Ivy on the night of their recital. They looked so beautiful and did such a great job!!!

This is what Reesie did every time we pointed the camera at her. It's pretty much impossible to get a good picture of her right now. I sure hope this phase doesn't last long!

They were so proud of the trophy and Christmas present they got from their teacher

Lots of friends and family came to watch: Grandma Bita & Grandpa Dude, Grandma Lynn & Grandpa Beav, Aunt Kim & Zeke & Macy, Aunt Rissa & Sydney, and our good friends Tanielle, Matayia, Bergen & Elle. So much love and support... Thank you all!!!!

Annual Buckingham Temple Square outing

My sweet little nephew Britton with my friend's baby Tyson. They were both born with Spina Bifida and have had so many trials they have had to go through. Sadly, there will be so many more to come so I'm so glad they will have each other for love and support through it all.


Bonita said...

Alisa, this is a neat post. Kaitlee and Ivy were so darling at their recital. They both did such a good job. The Temple Square trip was fun as usual. The mild weather made it extra nice. What a cute picture of Britton and Tyson! What a couple of handsome little guys!

Joey and Nettifer said...

Your girls look so stinking cute all dressed up ready to dance! Your family is beautiful!
It was so fun seeing you the other day. I just love you family!
Merry christmas!

McDermaid Fam said...

your family is gorgeous! hope you have fun christmas. we miss you guys!

Jenny said...

thanks again for letting me and jessica come over and chat about our sweet little boys...thats the cutest pic
love ya

Nellie said...

The girls are so pretty! What sweet boys, I'm glad that Jen and your friend could meet.