14 March 2008

TAG --- I"M IT!!!

I know I've only been blogging for a couple months but I hadn't been tagged until now. In the past week I've been tagged by three of my friends so I figured I had better get on top of it.

TEN YEARS AGO... I was 16 and a jr. in high school. Jared has since told me that he and his friends didn't even know my name so they used to call me "the hot swimmer chick" and I pretty much hung out with no one but my boyfriend and my parents. I hated high school! Most people loved every minute of it and wish they could go back and do it again... not me! I'm just glad it's over with!

My friend Nicole and me (Jr. year 1998)

FIVE PLACES I HAVE VISITED... (1) Montana (every year since I was a baby), (2) Hawaii (with my BFF Malia), (3) Mexico (the best honeymoon ever!), (4) Las Vegas (1st anniversary and sooo much fun), but my favorite trip was to (5) Disneyland with my kids (we also went to watch our buddy John Buck play against the Anaheim Angels. He got us front row seats right above the dugout. It was awesome!).

This is me and my girl Malia in May '01 ready to take off to the beautiful Hawaii!

Me and Jared on a boat ride in Cabo san Lucas in February 2002

FIVE THINGS ON MY TO DO LIST... (1) get in shape (this is always on my list, but never seems to get done), (2) watch American Idol (this one ALWAYS gets done), (3) make dinner (getting better at this), (4) pick up toys (I do this about 10 times a day), and (5) go to Walmart to buy milk and juice (and a bunch of other stuff we don't need).

I ENJOY... Playing with my girls, going out to eat (I hate cooking!), hanging out with friends, going for walks, golfing, snowboarding, and what else but SHOPPING!

THREE BAD HABITS... (1) Telling my hubby to "chill out" in front of our kids (he hates that), (2) spending too much money, and (3) changing my hair. I think my record for keeping it the same is like 3 weeks or something. I just traded in my long, blond hair for brown and SUPER short. I'm going to try to grow out my natural color. We'll see how long that lasts!

FIVE THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ME... (1) I LOVE High School Musical! You know how a lot of times you just watch stuff like that for your kids, well not me. Jared and I watch it just for fun! (2) I am veerrrry shy. I think most of the time people think I'm "stuck-up", but really I am just scared to death to talk to people I don't know very well. (3) I put on an old pair of sweats and pull my hair back any chance I get. I know that sounds weird coming from a girl that loves fashion so much, but it's true. You know we're tight when all you ever see me in is sweats and a T-shirt. (4) When I was little... I clogged. Funny, huh!?! I was actually pretty good, believe it or not. You'd never know it now, but I could actually dance back then. (5) My first car was a 1966 Volkswagon Bug. I LOVED that car! It was sooo much fun to drive, although it wasn't real reliable.

This just cracks me up!

Me and my cousins with my beauty of a car!

FIVE JOBS THAT I HAVE HAD... This is probably going to sound really weird coming from a 26 year old but I have only had three jobs my entire life. I was a lifeguard all during high school (at T-ville high and Cottonwood Country Club), then I worked at The Buckle in Fashion Place Mall until I got married and then I worked at good ol' Canyon Craft Cabinets as a receptionist for a couple of years before I had Kaitlee. I guess you could say that my fourth job is being a mommy. Definitely the hardest job I will ever have!

I now tag (1) SARAH (2) MELISSA (3) JESSICA (4) SIS-IN-LAW KIM (5) JEN

If I tagged you here's what you do. Post the words above in all caps and fill in info about yourself. Then, at the end tell who you are tagging & go and tag 5 friends on their blogs. It's just a way to get to know fun little things about people.


Malia said...

Oh my gosh! Those pics back brought some fabulous memories! I will always love the one of us taking off to Hawaii! What a trip! The one of us posing by your car was also one of my favorites. We should get another one with Molly 7 months pregnant and your three girls climbing all over it! Where IS that car? And, I can second the fact that you were the cloggin' queen! You rocked. Girl, you will always, always be the HOT SWIMMER CHICK to me. I just love you!

Annilee said...

Well, where is the picture of your new hair? I am having fun watching your little family, your girls are so beautiful! Hope all is well!

Marissa said...

That was so fun! It is fun to find out things I never knew about you!

nettifer said...

Have you always been drop dead pretty! Gosh even in Jr high you were so cute. That was the ugliest time of my life> gald I got to know more stuff about you! Love you!

tmbjensen said...

I can't see you being shy. In fact you were one of the first people to come and talk to me when we moved in. Its fun to learn more about you.

Scott & Lynn Maxfield said...

It is fun to see you before you were in our family. Jared was so blessed to find you even though you were just around the corner. Thank you for being patient with him. I am proud to have you as one of my girls and friend...love you tons!

Adam & Sarah said...

It was fun seeing pics of you back in high school and everything! And just like everyone else said it's not fair that you were ALWAYS pretty! Everyone's supposed to have an ugly stage, didn't anyone get you the memo?!

Hillary said...

That was so fun to learn a little more about you! I can't wait to see your new hair do! When are we going golfing?

Amy said...

That clogging picture of you is so cute! It was really fun learning so much more about you.

Becky said...

I just found your blog! You're hilarious! Thanks for sharing!