11 October 2008

Maxfield Family Photos

It's amazing that the photographer got a picture of all my girlies smiling. Sonrisa was C-R-A-N-K-Y! She cried almost the entire time.

Ivy being sweet with Grandma. This photo is priceless!!!!!

Seriously, this girl is good! I realize there were only four little kids but Kaitlee was the only one cooperating so under the circumstances, I think this turned out pretty darn cute!

I know! My hair is horrible!!! But I'm trying to grow it out and there's just not much I can do with it right now. Hopefully next year it will look A LOT better!

This is Kaitlee and Ivy with their cousin Sydney. She is sooo cute! She and Ivy are best buddies! Ivy had that mischievous smile plastered to her face. It's adorable!

Jake, Sydney and Marissa. What a good looking family!!!

Beav and Lynnard's granddaughters. Aren't they beautiful!?!!! I love the way Syd is looking at Ivy!

This is more realistic as to what was going on during pretty much the entire photo shoot. I love it!!!

These are just a few of my favorite pictures. The photographer has all of them posted on her website. I think they are all really good!


Ashley Clark said...

Cute, cute, cute!! I want to get family pictures soooo bad! But I'm afraid of what a fight it might be the whole time! Your girls are all so pretty. I'm glad you got a few great pictures!!

McDermaid Fam said...

these turned out cute. this is at memory grove right? they have some cool places to take pics. your hair looks cute i think, i love big sexy hair! your girls are beautiful. i tell you that all the time, but they really are gorgeous!

Brianne said...

Those turned out so cute. You guys are a great looking family and extended family as well. Darling girls too!

katy said...

Alisa! The sweaters turned out way cute! :) What fun pics! I love that last one...after seeing how they all look like little angels the whole time. :) TOO cute!!
p.s. your hair NEVER looks horrible!

Malia said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! I love those sweaters!

Adam and Sarah said...

Those are adorable! And I'm with everyone else -- your hair NEVER looks bad. I love it in these pics!

Harper Happenings said...

You are a total babe. I think they turned out great. I think I will give it a go here pretty soon. I hope I have your luck. Does Jared still like jis jeans? He wanted me to give you the website I order from. It is wholesale-designer.com. It is easy to navigate so have fun and don't break the bank. I always have to be careful when I go there so I don't go overboard!

Bry and Meliss said...

ADORABLE!! I LOVE those pictures. You have the cutest family!

Becky said...

Those are great! You guys are adorable! Are you coming back soon?

Marissa said...

They really did turn out great! You look so fabulous! At least you wore long sleeves-my arms look huge! :) I think girls always find the imperfections! lol!