15 March 2009

You know your not in the city anymore...

When you look out your front window and see this.

Yes, that is a cow and it wasn't long before 4 or 5 more of his friends joined him. He was actually in our yard for a while too but the picture of him across the street is better. This kept my girls entertained all evening long. It's not very often when you see a cow in your front yard. Gotta love Tooele!!!


Amy said...

LOL!!! That is HILARIOUS! You must live out in the middle of nowhere!

Bry and Meliss said...

Oh my...that is why Tooele has such a bad name sometimes :)Thanks for your encouragement on my blog-I SO need that right now! Being a mommy is really hard-but I LOVE it!!

Jenny said...

That would be such a shocker!!!
But what fun to spice up your day
Little Ivy was so cute sunday night
just out of the blue she said I like your shirt then turned away shy Thats one more to add to the WORDS OF IVY
She is so darling, what a sweetie
Love ya all