02 June 2009

Thank You...

First off my wife had an awesome post yesterday! Our family is great! And, yes, I am biased.

Anyhow, I want to offer a personal invitation to ALL the readers of "The GirlyFields" Blog.

Please sign up to be a Follower or RSS Feed subscriber. You can do that on the right side under the bios of the girls with the button that says "Follow". That way you will be notified when we update the blog. You can get the updates via email, google account, yahoo account, etc. I would also invite you to follow JaredMaxfield.blogspot.com as well. Here is my latest post:

I want to thank all of those who have checked out my new Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Store. There has been some positive feedback and I want to address an issue with this post.

Some people have expressed interest in tasting the food offered in the freeze-dried section for Food Storage. I will be purchasing some samples, but I would like to get a guess of how many I would need. If you are interested in getting a sample, please go to BeReadyFoodStorage.com and put your information in so you can be on my list and I will be able to stay connected to you through my update list. NOTICE: make sure to click the link in the confirmation email so you activate your name on my list.

After I have a rough guess on the number of samples I will need, I will order them and get them distributed as fast as I can.

RSS FEED/Followers: I continue to use my blog for getting information out so I would ask you to sign up to Follow JaredMaxfield.blogspot.com or you can get RSS Feeds to your email, google or yahoo accounts. Thanks again for your interest in helping me get my feet off the ground in helping with your Food Storage and Preparedness needs.

Jared Maxfield

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Melissa said...

I think you guys are great also!!!

How is Kaitlee's arm?? I'm just waiting for that to happen at our house! YOu look really good Alisa for being about ready to have the little man. And hopefully he stays in a little longer. Well keep our fingers crossed and you keep your legs.. hee.hee.hee!