01 June 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

You'd think that being on bed rest for half the month of May we wouldn't have done much, but we actually managed to fit in quite a bit. Kaitlee had her soccer games, we went to a car show, celebrated Mother's day, spent many, many, many hours at the park including a picnic on Memorial day, Kaitlee broke her arm and she also had her preschool graduation. It been so nice to get out of the house the past few weeks. Being stuck at home on the couch for days and days isn't the funnest thing ever. But I guess when it came right down to it, I'd do anything to keep this little guy in me as long as possible so we don't have to go through what we did with our Reesie. That was no fun at all!!!

Car Show at Jordan Landing
My dad showed his '66 Corvette and his really old truck (I'm not even sure what it is or what year it was made... but it's OLD!)

Mother's Day
We had a super yummy dinner with Jared's family then we went and spent some time with my parents.

My mom with my 97 year old Grandma

Crazy hair day at soccer and Icees
Every time Kaitlee scores a goal at a soccer game my parents take her and her sisters to get an Icee to celebrate.

Memorial Day
We had a picinic in the park with my parents for lunch then had dinner at the Maxfield's.

Broken arm
My little Kaitlee is obsessed with Monkey bars. She could do them for hours if we let her. She has blisters all over her hands but does that stop her? Oh, no. Well, last Thursday we were at a baseball game at Parker's Park and she just couldn't resist. She fell (a very long fall) right on her arm. Our "Faux Dr." Chad met us at his office and got it all wrapped up then he scheduled an appt. the next morning with an Orthopedic Dr. Sure enough it was broken. A hair line fracture right above the growth plate. Should heal fairly quickly, luckily.

Preschool Graduation
Kaitlee had a little graduation program on Saturday. It was so fun to watch all those little kids say their parts and do their dances. She did such a good job. Her teacher also did a fantastic job putting the program together. She also gave each of her students a yearbook of pictures and funny little things the kids said over the year. Kaitlee's funniest quote was "My daddy makes me laugh when he toots!" When I read that I just laughed and laughed!

Kaitlee with her teacher Miss Lindsay

After Graduation Celebration
My Parents gave Kaitlee a cute little card and a present for graduating and took us out for ice cream at Kravers after the program. Then they took Kaitlee and Ivy home for a sleepover and to church the next day.

Shaving with Grandpa Dude

Jared and his buddy Jeremy golfing at Overlake just after a big rain.


Malia said...

Okay, so I have been thinking of you nonstop lately (which means I should call you, but I haven't!). I had no idea you were on bedrest (not fun - but yes, worth it - stay in there little dude), no idea Kaitlee broke her arm (that makes me sick). I miss you. Your girls are as gorgeous as ever. Those pics with their grandparents are absolutely priceless. What lucky little girls to be SOOO loved. I love you and can't wait to see your little guy (well, I CAN wait because he needs to keep cookin' - but I'm excited).

Adam and Sarah said...

You look so great, Alisa! Your belly is so cute!
Poor little Kaitlee. I hope her arm heals up fast for her. That's gotta be no fun.
I love the pics of your girls with their slushies. First of all it made me want one like CRAZY! And second of all, their red little lips are too cute. Third of all, you are so BRAVE to let them eat them in the car! haha! Amber would have hers dropped on the seat and floor in about 2 seconds! lol
Good luck with the baby -- I can't believe you've only got a couple more weeks to go!

Nellie said...

I didn't know Kaitlee broke her arm, bummer deal. You sure have been busy, but hopefully that little guy cooks some more!

Brianne said...

Poor Kaitlee...it's not fun to have a broken arm, especially in the summertime, I'm sure. You guys really have been busy. I can't believe your little guy is almost here....good luck with everything. Hope all goes well.

Bonita said...

Alisa, it was so fun to look at all the new pictures on your blog. Those little girls are so cute and sweet. We've had some good times with your family lately! Kaitlee, keep being careful with that arm, OK? And Lisee, keep being careful too. I'm so anxious to meet that little guy, but I can wait until it's really time for him to come! Love ya all!

Joey and Nettifer said...

I should say busy! Bed rest, broken arm, graduation - I got tired reading your blog. Are you ok? We need to talk. What can I do to help?! You look beautiful and your girls just melt my heart they are so stinking cute! Hang in there little guy!