28 May 2009

My Story...The Long Version.

Most of you that are going to read this already know me, but some of you might not and that's OK too. I admit I have had lots of different jobs and or ideas over the years that I thought were great and I could really get into, but never really followed through with them for whatever reason. I promise none of them can do for both parties half of what I am about to share with you.

I just posted that my Emergency Preparedness store was open and you are probably caught a little off guard. But here is the story behind that decision...

3 or 4 years ago my friend had an idea to start selling food storage items door to door. You might of heard of his company-Daily Bread. Well, it goes without saying he was very good with this method because he had lots of experience at it. So he asked if I wanted to join him at the very beginning, but I was scared to drop what I was doing and go for it.

Anyway, fast forward a few years and my family is starting to get bigger, my views as a husband and dad change. I started having these feelings like I should talk to him about moving into the online arena because I had been following his biz and I knew I had some pretty good ideas that could help him grow. He was already doing well and had quite a bit going on, so those ideas weren't in his plans and I started a serious search about 6 months back to find something out there that might fit with the ideas in my head.

This is what I found:
Most of the companies that sell food storage items come from UTAH (no surprise to me). Next thing is that a lot the better ones have limited online stores or no affiliate programs (sell their stuff for commissions). The top options were: Daily Bread, Shelf Reliance and Emergency Essentials, but what I needed was the best of all 3 and mesh them together. So I kept on searching and found Better To Be Ready. These guys fit all my criteria and the owners have very similar visions and goals as me in what an Emergency Preparedness store should be.

So I started working with one of the founders and we exchanged ideas about what we both wanted out of this. A harmonious fit!

We want to create CERT style leaders in the communities where they live with our store owners.

We want to offer easy options for short and long term Home Storage, Survival and Outdoor products that are relevant to the customer's needs.

We want an AFFORDABLE monthly program where someone can build up their storage over time and not have to spend thousands of dollars all at once.

We want the convenience of a quality online store so the customers can order and have the items come directly to their home.

These are just a few of the most important things we offer. Those are the items I looked for when deciding to purchase for my own family. You see I am not that different from you. I maybe don't have the storage built up that I need, but now is the time to start. A little at a time will add up over the months. What could be better than to help someone when they are in need. Disasters are all over and we never know when it could strike us. That's why I am passionate about this. Please click here to visit my store and at least see how we could help you.

Everyone has their own views on Home Food Storage and I respect that. If you get into it, there are tons of blogs and groups out there that give ideas and tips on how to do it. Whether you decide to buy from me or not, at least get started. Obviously, my goal is to make some money at this, but more importantly is that I can help someone become prepared. Best case scenario I can do both!:)

So that is the story and the months of preparation to get to this point. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am still learning, so be patient if I don't know the answer right away. Also, the store is still being modified, so if there is something you notice that you don't like or is wrong, contact me and I will let the tech team know about it.

Thank you for your support in my venture and I hope we can team up to make a difference.

Jared Maxfield


Chris and Tanielle said...

My sister just started selling with Daily Bread! What a great product! She did the presentation and my girls ate the food right up! Good luck at getting a great kick start to your new buisness!

Harper Happenings said...

I also ordered from Daily Bread about 4 months ago. I am excited to have at least something just in case. We did the 3 month program so we are still paying for it monthly. When we are finished with that we will look through your store and fill in the blanks. Good Luck friend. We need to get together soon, I have a gift for your little man that is burning a hole in my pocket.