27 May 2009

My Store is Now OPEN!

I have had a few posts about Emergency Preparedness lately and I want everyone to know that my STORE IS NOW OPEN and I would love your support.

Not to get too deep, but if you know me at all I have been searching for a job where I could meet and help people while at the same time get passionate about the work. Well, I finally found it!

I need your help in making this a success. Please give it a look. There are lots of great options for Food Storage, Water Storage, Survival Kits & Outdoor Gear and more...

To check it out go to: http://BeReadyFoodStorage.com

I have a Name and Email Address Form so I can keep you updated and also get feedback. You can Unsubscribe at any time, but fill out the form and it will take you to the STORE.

Thank You!

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