13 May 2009

P90X... Bring It!

Some of you may know what P90X is...

It is a fitness program called Power 90 Extreme and it is set up to get you fit in 90 days. Well I heard about it from a friend and since have started the program. I thought I was in decent shape, but I was very very wrong. I am 3 days in and I can barely function like a human being. I am scared to see how I feel after the first week is over.

The reason I bring it up is because like my last post on my personal blog(JaredMaxfield.com) was about Emergency Preparedness, the P90X is very similar in nature. In fact I would even say we could substitute "Preparedness" for "Power" and the "X" could stand for X number of days you are prepared. We can call it the Preparedness 90 + or - X days program.

Like fitness, our plan to Be Ready in case of an emergency with the proper necessities is extremely important to our health for the situation. Could you last 90 days with the food storage you have right now? If so, you are ahead of the curve. Congratulations! If NOT, you can get started RIGHT HERE.

BeReadyFoodStorage.com makes emergency Preparedness simple. So...

The best option is to just pick from the many choices offered by BeReadyFoodStorage.com. The packages are designed to give a full dose of a daily recommended diet and you have options for 2, 3, or 4 meals per day. That's breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper if you want. Sometimes you could even get a dessert.

You can do this. C’mon, in all honesty, these meals will not be anything fancy. Frankly they will be really boring. No fresh meat or vegetables to slice, simmer and sauté. Think basic pioneer (or cowboy) cooking. Pancakes, tortillas and beans. Lentil soup and stews. Oatmeal with a side of… raisins.

You don’t have to try to be the “Martha Stewart”. Just plain adequate is fine enough; you are talking about survival cooking, here nothing else. And as an added bonus, once you have a box or two of these “prep meals” at home, you will never have to make an emergency run to the store after a vacation or before a snowstorm!

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