15 April 2008


If you haven't noticed yet, my girls LOVE pink. My mom bought them these really cute hats for Easter and I think they look so stinkin' cute in them! Kaitlee and Ivy absolutely loved theirs but as you can see Sonrisa, not so much.


Kaitlee and Ivy love "the boys"! Casey is now 10, which is sooo crazy to me! Skylar is 8, Brady just turned 6 and Will is a busy little 3 year old. Jenni and Ryan have finally been blessed with a long awaited little girl Jessica and she is now 10 months old. They live next door to my mom so my kids get so excited to go to Grandma Bita's because they know they'll get to see "the boys" and Jessica.


Kaitlee had her first soccer game on Saturday and she did such a great job. She definitely isn't the most agressive player but she got in a few good kicks and sure did a lot of running. She's lucky and gets to play on the same team as her cousin Zeke so we have twice the fun watching these games. Kaitlee had a very busy and exciting day on Saturday but Jared said he wanted to write about the other things that happened so I won't spoil the great news. I'll make sure he does it SOON!


Ashley Clark said...

Oooo... exciting news that Jared wants to write about!! Must be something special!! Kaitlee looks so cute in her little soccer get up. Thats so fun, I can't wait till JJ is old enough to do things like that.

Kim said...

Thanks for getting the cute pic of Zeke & Kaitlee! Kerry forgot our camera and I was so sad I couldn't be there. Another great one for their 'BFF Cousins scrapbook' :) just kidding!

Joey & nettifer said...

She looks like a princess even playing soccer - look at how cute her hair is! adorable!

Joey & nettifer said...

PS ryan and Jenny finally got a girl! Yeah!

Bonita said...

Kaitlee, you sure did have a big day on Saturday! You did so many grown-up things. I'm so proud of you! You learned to ride your bike without training wheels so fast! Way to go!!
It sure was fun watching Kaitlee and Zeke playing soccer together. They're such good friends! And I love that all of the cousins are such good friends! Jared, what a neat thing for you to take Kaitlee on a golf date! The picture of the little princesses in their pink dresses and hats is priceless!
....Grandma Bita

Bry and Meliss said...

Just give Sonrisa some time and she'll like hats when she's older. What is it with babies and not liking cute things on their heads? :)