02 April 2008

Girl's Night Out

ASHLEY - I'M GOING TO MISS YOU!!! The gorgeous, pregnant girl in the front... yeah, that's Ashley. She is my closest friend and now she is moving far, far away. SAD! :( I'm glad we got one more girl's night in before the big move to Oregon. I love all you girls and I had so much fun!


Joey & nettifer said...

Isn't she the sweet girl who had the boy I took pictures of? Love girls night out. They don't happen enough :)

Hillary said...

that was so much fun to catch up with everyone...I only wish we could have kept talking for hours!

The Nichols 5 said...

Thanks for being so smart and carrying a camera. I had so much fun with all of you and I loved talking with you on the way home. We need to have a reality tv night again!